Secret Panther Creek Waterfalls

These two weeks passed at an incredible speed. After a first hike and a few bouldering sessions, we decided, on our last day in the USA, to take the car and venture even further north, North East of Georgia, to hike the Panther Creek Waterfall Trail.

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The Appalachian Trail Approach Trail

When you are in Cumming, right in the middle of north Georgia, there are not necessarily a lot of choices in hiking for the enthusiasts that we are. You have to take the car and drive in between 1h30 and 2h to finally find some mounills (yes, they are not really mountains, but those bumps are higher than hills).

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The Trans-Atlantic Journey... Chapter 1

Sunday, December 18th, 2016:


It has now been three good months since we decided to leave the Paris region once Matt's studies were finished, in order to profit one last time from a Australia.

It's been a week since I resigned as a middle school English teacher.

A month ago our land-lord knew that we will vacate the apartment on December 31st.

And two months ago we announced to our families that we were going to leave once again.

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Nous, c'est Lucile & Matt, deux jeunes trentenaires (ou presque pour Matt), amoureux des grands espaces, fadas de randonnées et de treks, aimant escalade et VTT. 

Nous voyageons un peu partout mais commençons juste à découvrir le monde, tranquillement, selon nos envies et notre rythme.

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