First day on the roads, first adventure...

Car stuck in the mud

After a month and a half at the Cliffs', it is time to say goodbye. We still have a day of harvesting at the Mann Winery, but we want to start visiting the country. And so we a very special way...


With two days of freedom, we headed for a 16km hike to Mount Observation and York, East of Perth. Everything should have been a piece of cake ... Nope!


First, we never found the beginning of the hike. Of course. So, of course, I guided Matt to York for another hike ... and, of course, Google Maps guided us through woods and swamps.




Matt, carried away by his enthusiasm and his happiness of being off-road, hoped that our Chocolatine was a competition 4x4 ... So here he goes driving over big stones, above mini-canyons, in big holes, and in the mud…


Ha? Ha, no? Not in the mud? Well no, not in the mud....


He had thought well to turn back once facing this swamp in front of us... But the vision of the road on the other side, barely 100 meters away made him grow wings. Or stupidity, you choose...

Still, he wanted to pass and he launched the car to assault the swamp... Choco made it 90% of the way... and then got stuck...


Bogged down... entrenched...she did not want to move anymore.


4h. We spent 4 hours digging with our mini-shovel, laying down ridiculous sticks, heating up the engine, getting serious sunburns. 4h without eating, without drinking, swarmed by flies and being eaten alive by hordes of mosquitoes hunting in organized packs. Yes, I guarantee it!


4h arguing of course. Or rather 4h of excuses from Matt and 4h of me being pissed!


And inevitably, as if all that was not enough, we had no service... we had to walk, wait on the top of a hill to get a weak signal... only to realize that no one could help us and that there was apparently no house for miles around... well, hey, we're in the mud or we're not!


Tired, having only 3 hours of light left, we decided to walk to the nearest road, 5km away, to try to stop a real 4x4 and ask for help.


After 2km of walking... (alright, admit it... you are waiting for the next poop to fall on us huh? Degenerates!)...

By an incredible chance... (don't you need it from time to time?)... a gigantic house appeared.

In this house, a mother and her daughter, Kaye and Laura. They saw us land on their porch like two UFOs, dirty, muddy, sweaty, stinking, looking worried and tired ...

They laughed a lot hearing our story, explaining that it is along their property, that nothing passes through this swamp and they themselves got stuck there before! We waited for the father's return, Bruce, to bring... the tractor!


Tea, coffee, cupcakes, we got offered everything. The kindness of people is sometimes surprising and very welcome! However, we declined all offers politely, we already asked a lot with the car!

To great misfortune, comes great remedies. Bruce had arrived.


After 4 hours of trouble, with just a chain, the tractor released Choco from the muudy pit in... 10 seconds!


The car was filthy (but of course, bogged up to half the wheels) but uninjured! It was such a relief!!

Top of the kindness, they invited us to clean Choco at their home. Laura even volunteered herself to clean the car! I had to steal the hose from her hands! In our misfortune, we were very lucky, and we met extraordinary people.


Once back on track, we headed to York, which offers travelers a free spot for the night with toilets and electricity. After cleaning ourselves in the disabled toilets, we spent our first night in our rooftop tent! And it was just awesome!

Laura had invited us to the cafe she was working at in York, so we went there in the morning to say hi and thanked her again and decided to eat there before visiting the small town.


Established in 1830, it was one of the first cities that settlers built in the Outback. The American Wild West in the Australian Wild West! This is the feeling left on us by the buildings. Very charming town, with a 7.5km hike to Mount Brown, where we had a nice panorama over the valley.


Yes, it looks like we are not going to do things halfway through this Australian adventure if we continue on this path... and we continued... but that is another story!

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From Fremantle to Point Peron, discovering the surroundings of Perth

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Grape Harvesting in Swan Valley: from scam to happiness.

The fear of many backpackers in Australia is the search for (especially, never finding!) work... Lack of money, poor English, little working experience in life or in the search for employment, no resourcefulness; the reasons to panic are numerous for those seeking.


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The Trans-Atlantic Journey... Chapter 2 (and not a short one!)

It's 9am in the morning. It is already 25 degrees in Perth. The first parrots began to sing at 5am this morning. Even though we are right in the heart of the city, we hear only the noise of the Australian Raven and their cry that sounds like a troubled cat. The sun begins to timidly appear between two evaporating clouds and we are about to spend another day sleepy under a hot sun.

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