We are Lucile and Matt, a French and an American, together since 6 years (after meeting in the USA during an exchange semester at the UGA, like in a fairy tale...or a Disney...yep!)


After our love at first sight in the USA in 2011, Matt decided to leave the US-Army to come and join me in France.

In 2014, after much hesitation, Matt being on the burger side of the Atlantic, Lucile on the foie gras side, we decided to join each other on neutral ground and to leave to a long dreamed about country: New Zealand!

During a 7 month adventure on the road, aboard Rusty (our van), we discovered ourselves as travelers and as a couple. From random encounters to hikes, from villages to wilderness, if with all of our previous adventures in the USA and Europe our appetite for travel had not necessarily taken its full scope, it took escalated during our stay with the Kiwis.


Somewhat constrained, we returned to France to settle... in the Paris region. A torture for the Medocaine that I am, and a horror for both of us. Matt recommenced his studies, I found a job as an English teacher in a middle school. We managed to do the two years we were bound to do so that Matt could finish his studies.

To pass the time and not let ourselves go, we traveled through Europe. A month across Switzerland, Austria and Croatia, a weekend here and there, in France or abroad in town or hiking, Ireland, Scotland...

And after these two years finally over, the irrepressible urge to leave and travel caught our souls, our hearts and our brains.

So we are on the road, direction Australia for a last WHV (yes, being thirty hurts!). Nothing is yet fixed, we still do not know if we will buy a vehicle, if we will walk and hitchhike, or how long... We'll see!

Who is she ?

- First name: Lucile

- French nationality

- Age: 30 years old

- Profession: Graduate of a Master in Dynamics of Aquatic Ecosystems which despite a pompous name has brought no job, incidentally Contractual English Teacher ... 

- Languages: English, French, Spanish (spoken as an English cow)


* I like to eat, to discover all the cuisine which characterizes a new culture, even if in good chauvinistic style, I always end up crying after my daube and my tartiflette ...

* I like to walk, for a long or short time, going up and down, while admiring the nature around me. Nothing better than hiking to discover a new country... or rediscover your own!

* It seems that I have a bad character, that I am irritable if I did not have my full amount of sleep, or my tea, or if I am hungry, or if the English disembark. Not that much though, right?

* I am not a great fan of extreme heat, snakes or hospitals (the basic touristic characteristics in the majority of the countries I already visited...)

Who is he ?

- First name: Matt

- Nationality: American

- Age: 27 years old

- Profession: Ex - GI Joe in Iraq, BBA and graduate in international Business, in full reflection of my future and desirous of adventures!

- Languages: English (of course), French (Frenglish would be more accurate), snippets of Swahili (not very useful at the moment, if you forgot all of it!)


* I love sport, any sport, as long as it does not involve swimming. I love hiking and trekking, the calm surrounding the hikes, the fact that my two little feet can carry me so far!

* I am patient, extremely patient...

* Since my tastebuds were re-educated with French cuisine, I am eager for new flavors, new dishes, even if the spices are not necessarily the friends of my belly.

* I hate spiders, and mosquitoes, and flies. But I love butterflies...a real kid!

* Some say (Lucile) that I am too much of a home body, but in view of my wanderings, I'm not so sure!

Her seen by him, him seen by her:


Lucile: "Matt is calm, but sometimes impulsive. He knows how to put things into perspective. He can tone down everything. However, he forgets everything... Absolutely everything, even said once, repeated and rerepeated 100 times... A real gold fish! He is patient, courageous (but not reckless), handyman (not McGyver, but he is on the right track!) and he loves to travel and venture In unknown territory!"


Matt: "Lucile is stubborn, a real mule, good or bad, she will never let go of what she considers just or for things she really wants. She is also humble but very ambitious, ready to perform hard tasks that will help her get what she needs. She fights for us every day, inspires me and motivates me. She is sometimes too generous for her own good, and not always the luckiest person in the world!"