First day on the roads, first adventure...

After a month and a half at the Cliffs', it is time to say goodbye. We still have a day of harvesting at the Mann Winery, but we want to start visiting the country. And so we a very special way...


With two days of freedom, we headed for a 16km hike to Mount Observation and York, East of Perth. Everything should have been a piece of cake ... Nope!

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End of our tribulations in Swan Valley: deliciously surprising harvests

If you follow our adventures, you know that in the course of a day, we found ourselves with two jobs in the vineyards... A first job that we described as a scam, and a second full of happiness...


After two weeks of work, things have changed a bit, and we have to apologize...

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From Fremantle to Point Peron, discovering the surroundings of Perth


It's been a month since we arrived in Australia, a month that we are in our Helpx, a month that we actually did not do much in Perth. Between Helpxing, working, and organizing the car, the time passed very quickly. But finally, a few days before our departure, we started to visit the surroundings of Perth...


To celebrate our first month, we decided to please ourselves and finally go to Fremantle, and more precisely to Fremantle Harbor, which we read a lot about in the guides.


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Grape Harvesting in Swan Valley: from scam to happiness.

grape harvesting-swan valley-perth

The fear of many backpackers in Australia is the search for (especially, never finding!) work... Lack of money, poor English, little working experience in life or in the search for employment, no resourcefulness; the reasons to panic are numerous for those seeking.


How many times have we read that Australia is no longer the Eldorado that it was; that it is very hard, sometimes impossible in some places to find a job; that the Australians never call back when you leave your number...

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Three weeks in Perth, or how the Cliff family won us over...


We are now in Australia since three weeks.


Three weeks of research and development for the car, three weeks of acclimatization, three weeks of HelpX in a great English family!


Let's start with the beginning. HelpX, what is it?


It's like Wwoofing, but different.


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