End of our tribulations in Swan Valley: deliciously surprising harvests

If you follow our adventures, you know that in the course of a day, we found ourselves with two jobs in the vineyards... A first job that we described as a scam, and a second full of happiness... After two weeks of work, things have changed a bit, and we have to apologize...

Little River, or when the coat does not make the monk

We say it, and we always repeat it, we must never rely on appearances, or at least not necessarily trust the first impression... Remember, we were full of restraint regarding our boss of Little River. Hautain, not a single smile, and the bucket pay was not great...

We have since renewed the experiment with him, twice for the crushing of the grapes, and once for ... the harvest. Yes, we came back...

The second time we left after three hours of work and $ 120 in pocket plus a bottle of rosé! This is where we said to ourselves "Diantre, it is actually a good man the gentleman of Tastes!"


Where we really changed our minds, it was today, during our day of work. The grape harvest this time was worth it, with 42 buckets in 6h30 of work. We broke our record! (The credit goes to the vines which were much less painful to pick!)

Once all the buckets filled and loaded on the trailer, we go off in the direction to the winery... to discover that the crusher is broken! But then ? But then ? Where did the first 33 buckets go?


In the tank of course! We then discover that we are going to crush the grapes the old school way! We will stomp on the grapes!


In the space of three minutes, we became the attraction of all the staff of the winery’s cafe... And barefoot, we jump, walk, trample, crush... While avoiding cockroaches as big as the thumb, wasps, the red back spider that was in the grapes... It did not take us long to do all this, and our "dedication" was paid a hundredfold... besides the good pay, and since it was 2 pm, we were entitled to a table for two on the terrace with a bottle of rosé, homemade duck liver paté (yes yes! Bruno even makes the rillettes too! Seen with our own eyes!), tapenade and other humus all accompanied by a baguette...


All this to say that we put ourselves up to it! And we apologize profoundly to Bruno de Tastes for our first rather hasty judgment. It sometimes takes time to open up and we sometimes discover under the bure a count...

Mann Winery, in the country of the Care Bears (but the real ones!)

We also continued our adventure with Durham and Anthea. Ambiance always at the top, personalities very endearing, hours always well paid and much care taken to the well-being of the pickers! A pure happiness to be with them!


The big big (and delicious and pleasant) surprise we had, was this Friday, for what should have been our last harvest with them. We did not know if we would be present for the pick next Wednesday (we’re leaving our helpx, but in the end we will be there after a tour in the Australian bush and before a 134 km trek by the sea... Cape To Cape Track in Margaret River... but we'll tell you more soon!).


As a result, we were about to say goodbye when Anthea came back with a little gift for us... a box of high-quality rillettes, coming directly from France, made with Red Label goose meat from the South West !! Our hearts jumped!


You're not going to find many bosses like that! For a surprise, it was one, and we will leave them with regret this Wednesday...


We are now moving on to new adventures, the grape harvest in Margaret River seems compromised, especially because we would work with contractors (out of question for us). We will try to find a winery on the coast of Albany, and if not, there will always be a little something on the road!


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