From Fremantle to Point Peron, discovering the surroundings of Perth

It's been a month since we arrived in Australia, a month that we are in our Helpx, a month that we actually did not do much in Perth. Between Helpxing, working, and organizing the car, the time passed very quickly. But finally, a few days before our departure, we started to visit the surroundings of Perth...

To celebrate our first month, we decided to please ourselves and finally go to Fremantle, and more precisely to Fremantle Harbor, which we read a lot about in the guides.

Fremantle "the spruce"

A huge culinary disappointment

fremantle, port, harbour, perth, australia

"Freestyle, bohemian, different...", lots of words describe Fremantle in the books and on the forums, each one more dithyrambic than the next... It was enough to make us want to go there, keeping in mind that we are not really city dwellers. Given the heat and our time of departure, we stuck to the port (perhaps, surely, we should have made a tour in the city center and by the famous prison classified in the world heritage of UNESCO, and perhaps then our vision of the place would be more evolved... However, this article concerns our experience at the time T of our state of mind and the places we have seen!)


Of course, we did not think of which day we were. So of course, it was a Sunday. And of course, the whole world was out in Fremantle... Not great, for a start. Free places to park? A silly dream... But in our stubbornness, we find a parking lot not far for "only" $1.6 an hour...


It is noon, we begin to be hungry, we do not hesitate and handed out the money... And as the air starts to smell good, our stomachs begin to cry for food and it is the drool at the muzzle that we head towards THE fish and chips of Fremantle, named Kailis Fish Market Cafe. Warmly recommended by our hosts, brimming with people who rush to the tables as soon as a place becomes free... old people were almost taking their dentures out of their mouth to bite the rear of younger ones who would take too much time to eat!


With elbows, we make our way, in the queue for Matt and to a table for Lucile. Our gaze falls on the menu (and its expensive prices), no time to think too much, we chose...

Our eyes did not believe their orbits, our stomachs its bile and our wallet its notes. At 15 euros the dish served in a tray like in the canteen and having before our eyes the port and its boats, we expected a chef-d’oeuvre... Hell no! Tasteless fries and fish, batter almost nonexistent, pay extra for sauces... A big big disappointment... The view from the terrace was nevertheless nice...

A quick visit of Fremantle in a half-hearted tone

fremantle, port, harbour, perth, australia

We then walked through the harbor, from stilted buildings to breweries, restaurants in parks and ferris wheel. Nice, certainly, but nothing that justifies so much enthusiasm for this suburb of Perth. Savannah, Georgia, USA, or Arès, in the Gironde region, will be preferred for the port and atmosphere.


We however visited the WA Shipwrecks Museum, the best part of the day. The entry is free even if a donation of $5 is recommended (in good stingies that we are, we past on this expense, the fish being still across our throat...).

The museum is recognized as the most important underwater archeology museum in the entire southern hemisphere. It is located in buildings built in 1850 and is definitely worth a few hours of your time! It is full of submarine treasures, and relates all the shipwrecks that have taken place around Perth, from the oldest to the most recent. It also hosts relics that are both impressive and rare, such as a piece of the Batavia's original hull, cast in 1629, the skeleton of a man murdered by mutineers after the Batavia sank, or the boat- Steamer SS Xantho’s engine, sunk in 1872 (the first and only high pressure craft mass produced in the 1800s, intact despite more than 110 years under the waters of the Indian Ocean and after the cleaning of more than 2000 kg of concretions and years of restoration).


We could not see everything, the time was running out and the payment of the car park expiring...


If the port of Fremantle has not seduced us by its bohemian atmosphere, and creative (despite works of art by the sea), the museum has definitely conquered us!

It's even better in video!

Point Peron, the burning Basque Brittany

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Monday, we did better. On the advice of our family, we went 60km south of Perth to discover Point Peron and Penguin Island.

Ha! It may be said that they had sold the thing for the island. "There is a sandbank to go on foot, just be careful at high tide", "not too many people go"... go ahead and say it!

Yes, except that... necessarily (again!) we had not seen the day, and necessarily, it was a national holiday... people! So many peeeoplee!

By miracle, we find where to park in 5 minutes. Before unloading the business and going off in the waters, we decide to go scouting. Well done to us...

In addition to the hundreds of people waiting for the little ferry (which you can take if you do not want to walk for the trifle of $25 per adult and $19 per child for 5 minutes of boating.) Literally 10 minutes round trip. Ha no forgiveness, monopoly AND fouting of tronche...), were dozens of people in route on the sandbank, water in the armpits, bag on the head ...

After checking the schedules of the tide and seeing that it was rising, we decided to cut short the masquerade and to flee towards Point Peron, also recommended by our hosts...


There, it was pure happiness, to wander among the limestone forms all more phantasmagoric than the others, the turquoise waters, the typical vegetation, the... people? Yes but so little compared to earlier! We ended up finding a quiet spot, without the shadow of shade (oh the rotten word game!), We bathed in peace, admiring the seabed with our eyes closed (because yes we still have not invested in a mask and a snorkel, but that will be soon! Edit: we actually never invested in it!).


We have also peacefully burned under this murderous Australian sun (despite the multiple layers of sun lotion...), attested by the delicate lobster red marks that cheer our backs and our bellies normally white like ass (you will notice the extreme delicacy of these Words... Moui, but to this we will reply that it is still bad and so we have the right in this case to use such expressions...).


For anyone who wants a bit of change compared to Perth, Point Peron is definitely a must-go! Besides the extreme heat and the biting burn of the sun, it really reminded us of Basque marine cliffs and Breton landscapes. Disoriented? Not really, even if the flora is not quite the same!


It's even better in video!



For more information:

To find where to park in Fremantle:

To visit the WA Shipwrecks Museum: (entrée gratuite, donations recommandées)

If you have more time than us, here is the link to visit the prison: (à partir de $21 par adulte et $11.50 par enfant)

To avoid hurting your taste buds, don't go there:



For more information:

If you want to visit Penguin Island:

To avoid hurting your wallet, dont take this ferry:

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