Trash while traveling... Our collect at Panther Creek

For several months, we (Lucile...who then converted Matt by force!) have got used to picking up waste during our walks and hikes. And everyone can and should do will only take a few more minutes of your time (not counting grams or pounds more, but that's We always have a garbage bag (in France) or we recycle the plastic bags of the supermarkets (USA, Australia) to fill them. During this hike, Kroger provided for our need!

As beautiful as it was, this path was a mess

From the cigarette butt to the bottle of water, to the can, even the plastic from cotton swabs or tweezers (!!), there is not much that escaped us!


This time we completely filled two plastic bags. There was not a lot of garbage on the way back and forth, but as soon as the civilized human put his posterior somewhere, it would seem that it triggers in him the urgent need to trash the surrounding lands...


We hit the jackpot with bottles of water (still full), cans, cigarette butts, cans of food (especially red beans...I hope they have come back to bite the perpetrators in the ass!)

Nature doesn't need to be trashed, and everyone can do a gesture


As a reminder, a single cigarette butt pollutes 500 liters of water...ONE!!


A plastic bottle takes about 450 years to decompose, while releasing, during this time, pesticides and other toxic substances...

(Besides, here’s a small trick for these famous plastic bottles: do not buy any more! Buy a reusable BPA-Free bottle, a gourd that you can fill up again and again! Nature will thank you and your wallet too!)


That day, we returned to the car with some 2kg of waste. And we picked up the 6 cans of beer in the parking lot that a dumbass had not thought it necessary to bring home.



So, to all travelers, hikers, trekkers, walkers, short, to all the users of nature and the world, always think to have a trash bag on you.



A dozen pieces of trash or more, it does not seem much compared to the millions of tons of garbage that we release in the nature each year. But if everyone does a little, and if everyone gets to convince another person to do a little, things can evolve in the right direction!!!

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