Secret Panther Creek Waterfalls

These two weeks passed at an incredible speed. After a first hike and a few bouldering sessions, we decided, on our last day in the USA, to take the car and venture even further north, North East of Georgia, to hike the Panther Creek Waterfall Trail.


The hike is located at the end of a dirt road maze, all prettier than the others, on the border with South Carolina...After 1h45 of driving, we finally parked the car and we started the path.

For the occasion, I was wearing for the first time my Lone Peak 3.0 from Altra. A bit too big but my toes really have room!


The trail is a 7.5 km round trip with about 400 feet of elevation.

There are two trails to see these waterfalls. The first is the best known as it is the easiest. Located west of the waterfalls, it is longer than ours (10km) but the elevation is nothing. It is a highway, as we like to say...

The path we have chosen is very narrow and sporty. It constantly skirts the creek (Panthers Creek) and sometimes passes through rather aerial and acrobatic places due to the collapse of the terrain.


The sun was there in spite of the cold and it made the hike very pleasant.

Pleasant, it is even more in the summer because it is then possible to swim at the foot of the waterfalls, in the natural swimming pool.

The waterfalls themselves are very pretty. There are many more beautiful ones, but sweating so much to reach them makes the thing all the more fun!

It is possible to combine the two hikes in one, by free parking at the beginning of the walk we did (the parking of the longest hike is paying). Then once you arrive at the waterfalls, keep walking to the next parking and come back.  That gives you an 11 mile trek!

As usual, we collected the waste, and we are talking about our first documented collection here!!

As usual (it would seem for this trip...), we did not cross animals...except for a wood pecker...not even a squirrel. What's going on??

The return was by the same path, with our 2kg of waste in our hands.

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